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***Coronavirus Crisis UPDATE ***
We would appreciate your support by taking advantage of our
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If you are booked on a course, please see the measures we have put in place to reschedule courses, so we can continue to be able to teach you DIY for many years to come. As of Monday May 25th, in line with the Governments guidelines, we are planning to once again start teaching from the 1st June, subject to government approval and the re supply of materials used on our courses. 

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Hello to all our past, present and future DIY & Trades students. 

For 2020, we are developing many new courses and enhancing our existing ones. We will be launching some new 2 Day DIY Courses in the Spring, along with an exciting new, build a “Glamping Pod” course, with the option to purchase your own kit to build yourself.

Last year, after listening to your feedback,  we launched some 1-day courses, such as a Speedskim plastering course, along with an Advanced Tiling Course for underfloor heating and a 2-day Door-hanging course in our completely refurbished training centres.

Our training centre in Stockport, Cheshire, near Manchester has extensive facilities, which enable you to have a real, hands on experience. We’ve just moved from our city centre Birmingham school & we’ll be announcing a new Midlands location soon & looking forward to opening in London for 2021.

If you aren't sure which course to do, then why not come and see us at one of the many workshops we will be running around the country? These include Grand Designs Live and the Ideal Home Show.


We’ve now trained over 12,000 students during the past 13 years, so you can be sure to get the best tuition, use the best materials and have the best experience possible, whilst having lots of fun. Who said  learning was boring!

If you’ve heard about DIY Si on BBC Radio Manchester and his 2000 mile cycle ride across Europe in 15 Days and would like to donate to Alzheimers Charities, please click here.

The DIY School courses enable men and women with little or no experience in construction and DIY to learn a comprehensive range of construction skills that are useful, current and in demand, at work or on a home project.

If you're already a tradesperson, you can add new skills without the need to take a long time away from work — something which makes sense when you can't afford to lose business taking time off!

All our courses either run in the week or over two consecutive weekends, so it won't take you long to learn a new skill.

If you can’t wait to do our courses & live more than 100 miles from our training centres, then get in touch as we will give you a £50 discount towards your accommodation costs (terms & conditions apply).



Have a look at our videos to see what the students get up to at The DIY School.

Tiling Courses

Tiling Courses at The DIY School are designed to enable tiling students to tackle the majority of projects in the private & domestic tiling industry or significant DIY tiling projects.

Our Tiling Courses have enabled individuals to set up new tiling businesses; see our Tiling Course Customer Success Stories page for more information.

Tiling Courses Student Matt Birch's first paid tiling job after a Tiling Course at The DIY School. Matt is a Fire Officer.

Fire Officer Matt Birch's first paid tiling job after his Tiling Course

The Tiling Courses cover the skills essential to create a professional tiling finish and provide sufficient skills to build a business around tiling.

The tiling skills that you will cover are considered to be in demand and capable of being taught to a good standard in just 4 days.

The course also acts as a sound foundation to progress from to our Advanced Tiling Course, which provides on the job learning and tiling manufacturer product updates, as well as new tiling product developments.

Read more about our Manchester Tiling Courses and other courses by clicking on the following links:
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Plastering Courses

Plastering Courses at The DIY School in Manchester are for men and women looking to tackle the majority of projects they will encounter in the professional domestic plastering industry, such as property redevelopments or significant DIY plastering projects.

The DIY School Plastering Courses enable people to set up new dedicated plastering businesses having made a career change. For existing tradespeople, plastering is an addition to existing skills offered by professionals such as tilers, plumbers, kitchen fitters or electricians.

Plastering Course Student Matt Stokes Working For Himself After The DIY School Northwest Plastering Course

Matt at work after his Plastering Course

Whilst plastering for many is seen as an "art", The DIY School's Plastering Course teaches the processes that make plastering an easy skill to master, and gives students the skills needed to become independent plasterers running their own businesses.

The Essentials Skills Plastering Course is an ideal starting point from which to build a business around skimming, re-skimming, dry lining, dot and dab, and wall and ceiling repairs, all of which are hugely in demand.

Read more about our Plastering Courses, other courses and book online by clicking on the following links:
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Painting, Wallpapering & Decorating Courses

Painting & Decorating Courses at The DIY School in Cheshire enable students to learn the skills with which they will be able to tackle the majority of projects as professional decorators in the private & domestic sector, such as in property development and high-quality home DIY tasks.

With what we call a "tool kit of skills" that includes wall papering, painting and preparation, Decorating Course students will learn the foundations essential to set up successful decorating companies or to tackle significant home decorating opportunities.

Manchester, Northwest Decorating Course Career Change

Painting & Decorating Course Student after the Decorating Course in Manchester

Because decorating can be time consuming for home owners, demand for good quality decorators is constantly high, making the Decorating Course a great investment in a new career after a redundancy or period of unemployment.

Read more about our Painting, Wall Papering & Decorating Courses and book online by clicking on the following links:
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Bricklaying Courses

There are two types of Bricklaying Courses at The DIY School in the North West: Bricklaying Courses for Garden Walls and Bricklaying Courses for Cavity Walls.

These courses have been divided this way as we've learned that most people want to do one type of bricklaying or the other. For those wanting to learn both sets of skills, they can return to add a further two days to their course in order to cover the content of both.

Bricklaing Courses in Manchester for Cheshire Lancashire Yorkshire Merseyside Derbyshire Staffordshire

Bricklaying Courses for Cavity Walls & Garden Walls

Unlike with tiling, plastering, and decorating, we are not suggesting that anybody could make a living on the basis of a 4-day Bricklaying Course. Not only is demand for bricklaying much too low, but it is a trade that requires great experience and ability to ensure that plans and building regulations are followed correctly.

4-day Bricklaying Courses at The DIY School are ideal for anyone wanting to tackle smaller projects & larger projects over time. The Bricklaying Courses have also been used by existing tradespeople to add services to their established businesses, such as gardeners, landscapers, conservatory builders and property developers.

Read more about our Bricklaying Courses and book online by clicking on the following links:
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DIY Handyman Courses

The DIY Home Handyman Courses appeal to men and women who want an improved understanding of how to fix common DIY faults and problems around the home. The course has been used in conjunction with other courses at The DIY School — including Tiling, Plastering, Decorating and Bricklaying — to enable new handyman businesses to be set up.

Read more about our DIY Handyman Courses and book online by clicking on the following links:
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Beginners DIY Tool Use — Hand and Power Tools Courses

Beginners DIY Tool Use Courses have enabled many of our students to take the first step on the DIY ladder. Driven often by the desire to stop relying on others, this beginner course enables students to learn DIY skills that will form the foundation for future Do-It-Yourself independence.

Covering the use of all essential tools, the course covers how to use hammers, nails, screws, screwdrivers, drills, rawl plugs saws, workbenches, chisels and many other everyday DIY tools that may be required around the home.

Beginners Novice DIY Courses for Hand & Power Tools

Introduction to DIY Courses — Kids Come Free!

The Beginners DIY Course acts as a great foundation for follow-on courses, the most popular of which are the DIY Handyman and Decorating Courses.

Read more about our DIY Handyman Courses and book online by clicking on the following links:
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Feedback for our courses:

Course content was excellent. It covered all the aspects that I was unsure about. The trainer was always willing to give advice and takes time to explain fully.
John Bridgewood - Plastering Courses - Manchester

The course was above expectation, was flexible with good advice throughout
Max Hatton - Bricklaying Courses - Southport - Cavity Walls

The course was exactly what I wanted, (The trainer) is obviously skilled in his trade and inspires students with his enthusiasm. (Chose us over other local schools having visited others in the area )
Rick Hedley - Tiling Courses - Bolton

Excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and eternally patient. I am more than confident in starting my own project fact I have started already!
Chris Lewis - Plastering Courses - Manchester

At no point during the course did Mike make you feel as though it was something that you couldn't do. A natural trainer and a great personality with it. I was amazed that after just 4 days I could get to the level that I did. excellent course and would highly recommend.
Paul Waterhouse - Blackpool - Plastering Courses - North West

Light hearted, bright, breeze to listen too and in all totally informative. The structure of the course caters for all levels of skill and not once are you put under pressure to keep up.
Andy Turner - Liverpool - Plastering Courses - Merseyside

Mike had a lot of patience and was also very supportive and encouraging
Darren Hatton - Southport -Plastering Courses - Lancashire

Glad that I chose the DIY School as the course was delivered to a really good standard and the staff were really nice.
Monica Thomas - London - Painting & Decorating Courses

Friendly and knowledgeable. Exercises explained clearly and good follow up when doing exercises.
Julian Munro - Painting & Decorating Courses - Blackpool

Superb! Words are not enough. Cannot recommend you highly enough.
Graham Carter - Plastering Courses - Sheffield - The Essentials & Advanced Plastering Courses

Well above my expectations, I could actually do it, amazing. I attended the plastering course because I am renovating my house and wanted to do the plastering myself because of costs. The course gave me all the information I needed and more.
Janet Darragh - Plastering Courses - Bradford.

Excellent Course. I didn't think that I could so much in 4 days.
Jay - Tiling Courses - UK

Very helpful and informative course which has given me the confidence to re-tile my property and possibly take tiling up as a trade. Very friendly and helpful. Always able to answer any questions and point out where I had gone wrong and how to put it right.
David Thomas - Tiling Courses - Leeds

As you know I have just done three courses with you over the last few months (diy, tiling and plastering). I would like to thank all of you for your very patient and professional manner. I thoroughly enjoyed all the courses and have already started putting some of my new found skills to good use around the house. I have to admit that I would never have dreamt that I had it in me – I have always avoided DIY like the plague.
Peter Carling - Isle of Man - Home Repairs, Tiling Courses and Plastering Courses

Very methodical and well structured course. I now feel I have the confidence to skim or a wall or ceiling, dry line or repair defects in plaster work!! Very patient and knowledgeable instructor with a wealth of real world experience. Top Bloke!!
Gary Speakman - Essential Plastering Courses - Lancaster

Excellent! I couldn't believe we covered so much in 4 days. It was great to get down to the practical straight away. We learned so much this way. Mike was fantastic. He was clear, encouraging and fun and truly professional in his role. Thank you.
Heather Gooch - Essential plastering Courses - Yorkshire

Excellent. As you know as an ex head teacher take to heart my comment. Super!
Graham Kellett - Essential Plastering Courses - Derbyshire

Very good. I couldn't even spell DIY this morning. Now I know what is in a tool box and why!
Simon Bate - DIY Tool Use Courses - Merseyside

Basic enough but comprehensive enough. A lot learned in 6 hours. Should be taught in schools!
Sybil Leeman and her teenage son - Lancashire - DIY Tool Use Courses

Very Useful and valuable course from beginners.
Alison Vasey - DIY Tool Use Courses - Hull

Really good intro and demystifies the basics.
Anon - DIY Tool Use Courses - Stoke

You walk in having no idea and leave saying " I will be able to do that now"
Richard Leeman - DIY Tool Use Courses - Staffordshire

Good Instruction
Kendon Macdonald - DIY Tool Use Courses - Birmingham

Warren Fields - Advanced Bricklaying Courses

Super. Made me confident in brickwork
Peter Gaines - Bricklaying Courses - Manchester

A very challenging course but immensely rewarding.
Terry Wiggins - Essential Plastering Courses - Liverpool

The course is intensive but in a fun and relaxed atmosphere
Terry Hill - Essential Plastering Courses - Nort Wales

Very Good
Imran Ghani - Essential Plastering Courses - Chester

Brilliant. Would use & recommend to all.
Martin Hulme - Essential Plastering Courses - Wrexham

Very Enjoyable. Very Informative
Neil Rankine - Essential Plastering Courses - Derby

Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed & will recommend to anyone interested in doing a course.
Trevor Marchington- Essential Plastering Courses - Nottingham

Thoroughly enjoyable learning. Want to do more. Amazed how much content in the course.
Jude Neli - Painting & Decorating Courses - Manchester

Good fun, informative and very easily absorbed training.
Rachel Lakeland-Fox - Painting & Decorating Courses - Buxton

First Class. Coming Back for the tiling course.
Howard Lockwood - Painting & Decorating Courses - Leeds

Good fun.
Sue Ryder - Painting & Decorating Courses - Manchester

All the essentials in a relaxed atmosphere.
Gill Davidson - Painting & Decorating Courses - London

Lots to do. Well organised and worked out
Paul Doherty - Painting & Decorating Courses - Crewe & Nantwich

Very informative, taught the basics required to create a professional job. -
Andy Warner- Tiling Courses - Manchester

Totally relevant to my need - property renovation. Course content and delivery were spot on. -
Colin Ardron- Tiling Courses - North West

I feel more independent now -
Donna Rees- DIY Home Maintenance Courses - Cheshire

Good atmosphere, easy going, very informative. -
Pete Davies- Essential Bricklaying Courses - Scotland.

Started as a novice, ended up a professional! -
Mark Husband- Essential Plastering Courses - West Midlands.

Excellent course, superb trainer. Would recommend to anyone. -
Stephen Lyth - Essential Plastering Courses - Cheshire

Couldn't believe how good you get in such a short length of time -
Jonathan Mills - Essential Plastering Courses - North Wales.

Excellent 4 days of Training -
Gwyn Owens - Essential Plastering Courses - Merseyside

"A brilliant mother and daughter experience. Both Emma ( 12 years old ) and I thoroughly enjoyed the learning curve"
Dee and Emma Hamilton - Tiling Courses - Hyde.

"Best learning experience I have had in years"
Zeeshan Jameel - Tiling Courses - Bradford.

"Worth every penny. Demystifies trade skills"
Phil Elsey- Essential Bricklaying Courses - Manchester.

"Very useful and great fun too. Could hardly believe how the time flew by"
Vivien Walsh - Home Maintenance Courses - North UK.

"Great, really enjoyed it"
Kate Threadgold - Advanced Plastering Courses - Didsbury

"Here are some pictures of my first paid tiling job."
Paul Pearson - Tiling Courses - Cumbria