DIY Courses - Hand & Power Tools

1 Day Beginners DIY Hand & Power Tools Course

DURATION - 1 Days - Weekdays or Weekends
PRICE - £129 including materials recycling charge

Multiple Course Discounts are Available

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Beginners DIY Courses at The DIY School in Manchester & Birmingham enable men and women who have little or no previous DIY experience to work with a range of essential DIY Tools that they would use in simple yet common DIY tasks around the home.

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These DIY Courses can enable people new to DIY to tackle repairs and home improvements around the home without needing to wait for their "DIY Friend" to come round, pay for a handyman or simply put off essential repairs or improvements.


Ladies & Mens Beginners DIY Classes

Who will these Beginners DIY Courses Suit?

  • Men & Women wanting first hand practical instruction and experience of essential DIY tool use.
  • Those wanting to gain a base set of skills before attending the DIY Home Handyman Course.
  • People wanting to start to tackle general DIY tasks around the home gaining independence.
    • Property owners wanting to start with basic home improvement projects.


Beginners DIY Courses

Beginners getting to grips with DIY Tools

What will you learn on these practical Beginners DIY Courses?

  • How select & use hammers and nails correctly incl
    • Pin hammers through to claw hammers to lump hammers
    • From small panel pins to 4" joinery nails.
  • How to use screws and screw drivers correctly incl flat head, cross head and pozidrive screws.
  • How to use cordless screwdrivers, drills and hammer drills.
  • How to use mains electric drills in wood and masonry.
  • How to screw and fix into brickwork and plasterboard and use rawl plugs.
  • How to fix brackets & other items to walls that will stay up.
  • How to use levels and squares to level and vertical results.
  • How to use chisels and planes effectivelt and safely.
  • Hoq to use spanners, pliers, wrenches with nuts and bolts.
  • How to use hand saws on wood, metal and plastic.
  • How to use work benches clamps, platforms and ladders.
  • How to use pipe and cable detectors to help avoid burst, leaks and shocks!
  • How to use craft knives correctly & safely.

Beginners DIY Training Room

Beginners DIY Training Class Room

Why we chose these skills to include in the Beginners DIY Courses

  • The skills are always useful around the home for DIY tasks, repairs and improvements.
  • They act as a basis for further DIY training.
  • They can enable home owners to save money by doing some repairs themselves.
  • They can enable novice DIYers start tackle home improvement DIY projects.
  • Parents can bring their children for FREE to learn some useful life skills.


A selection of DIY Tools at The DIY School

Course Dates & Bookings

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DIY Tools Course Students Feedback

Very good. I couldn't even spell DIY this morning. Now I know what is in a tool box and why!
Simon Bate - Beginners DIY Courses

Basic enough but comprehensive enough. A lot learned in 6 hours. Should be taught in schools!
Sybil Leeman and her teenage son - Beginners DIY Courses

Very Useful and valuable course from beginners.
Alison Vasey - Beginners DIY Courses

Really good intro and demystifies the basics.
Anon - DIY Tool Use - Beginners DIY Classes

You walk in having no idea and leave saying " I will be able to do that now"
Richard Leeman - Beginners DIY Courses

Good Instruction
Kendon Macdonald - Beginners DIY Classes

Lots of practical experience and guidance. I can now start to tackle lots of jobs at home without needing a trades person
Mandy Boardman - Beginners DIY Courses

A really excellent intro to what's what in a tool kit and more importantly how to use it all
Sharon Armstrong - Beginners DIY Classes

Very interesting. Really enjoyed the whole day. Can't wait to do it myself.
Dan and Ashley Greenwood - Beginners DIY Courses, Home Maintenance & Plastering Essentials

Very useful day.
Stephen Conway - Beginners DIY Courses

I had an amazing time and even impressed myself. I have learnt everything I hoped and much more
Amanda Town - Beginners DIY Courses & DIY Home Maintenance

It was very relaxed which made it fun to learn. Very patient and friendly
Janine Baddeley - Beginners DIY Classes


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