Typical Feedback


After every course we email a feedback request to our students. The feedback below is typical of that which we receive week in and week out.

Name: Gary Hall
Month: January 09
Course: Plastering Essentials
Course Rating: Excellent
Course Comment: The emphasis was on gaining practical hands on experience in the shortest time possible. I know people who have been on college courses for 18 months and still can’t plaster like I could after just 4 days! The course covered a lot of the most probable situations your likely to encounter and developed the skills needed to tackle them confidently and swiftly.
Trainer: Mike
Trainer Comment: Mike was friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable on this subject, coupled with a vast amount of experience in the field there was a solution available for every problem or issue encountered. He was both patient and understanding for the varying degrees of the students abilities on the course. Thanks Mike. PS plastered my kitchen ceiling and walls this week!
Other School: Yes. I chose the DIY School due to the proximity to my address and value for money in addition I spoke to a live person each time a called!

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Name: Noelle ( From London )
Month: November 08
Course: Decorating Essentials
Course Rating: Excellent. We have enjoyed every minute.
Course Comment: Decorating is a new hobby to me{except for removing wall papers}. As a fresh starter I found the content is nicely detailed and brilliantly presented. The starting and finishing time were extremely convenient. And we were promised to refer to a link to your email to refresh and extend our knowledge. Thank you.
Trainer: Andy
Trainer Comment: Andy is a unique and most talented facilitator, had provided professional and amazing training by presenting a wide range of practices following a timed frame plan. He has a good sense of humour and a pleasant management and leadership skills. God bless you Andy,Keep the good work. You are the difference.
Other School: A similar course would have cost me much more and 2 weeks training. I think to undertake a new profession while training for 4 days is an amazing experience. Big Thank You to Andy and to all.

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Name: imran ahmed
Month: November 2008
Course: Plastering Essentials Course
Course Rating: excellent,cannot go wrong
Course Comment: the course was excellent it was worth it. I enjoyed every second of it,at first I didn't know any plastering at all but when I went to The DIY School it all went very well. It's worth the money. Now I know how to plaster & cant wait to get some work. Thanks mike for all the helpful tips
Trainer: Mike
Trainer Comment: Mike was excellent, very helpful fun and truly professional in his role. Thank you
Booking Stopped?: I've already booked the advance plastering course in January 2009 "cant wait"
Other School: I chose this training school because it was the cheapest and read the feedback on the website and it was close to my home so I booked this school I am glad I booked it