Learn To Decorate in 4 days?

The answer is YES!


Painter & Decorator Courses at The DIY School have enabled hundreds of students to tackle the majority of decorating jobs that they will find in the private and domestic decorating industry as well as DIY decorating projects.

Painting & Decorating is probably one of the easiest of the trades to learn. Demand for decorators is high because a great proportion of people really don't want to try to fit redecorating a room around family and work on a DIY basis so are happy to get someone in. With our Painting & Decorating Course, setting up as a decorator has a short training time and a low start up cost meaning that you can be up and running earning earning or saving money quickly.

Tracy's new career starts on the Decorating CourseDecorating Course Student Sets Up In Business

Tracy before and after the Painter & Decorator Training Course

The "tool kit of skills" that we teach is equally as valuable for the DIY Decorator as it is for the professional. For those people who may not have had a full exposure to decorating as children, but recognise that it is not difficult to learn, the "tool kit of skills" will enable you to get your house looking professionally decorated in no time.

Whilst an NVQ or City and Guilds Decorating course may teach you everything over many months or years, like any other trade, the majority of projects use a small proportion of the skills learned. It is that small proportion of vital skills that are in the "tool kit of skills" that we can teach you in 4 days because they are in demand and it is reasona;be to expect you to learn them to a high standard in 4 days.

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