How to choose a workbench

Lighter weight, mid priced type of workbench with tilting tops.A portable workbench is an essential tool for almost all DIY tasks. Even those DIYers lucky enough to have a permanent workbench in the garage or shed will have a portable workbench to take to the project site in the home.

For the DIYer tight on space in the home, the collapsible workbench is easy to store in a cupboard, under the stairs or even under the bed!

Workbenches should be suitable strong and stable to work and rely upon. One can buy very cheap workbenches but these to to need fiddly assembly, are not always stable and do tend to buckle under relatively light loads. The more expensive workbenches can be relied upon to be stable, strong and most of all safe.

Stronger more expensive workbench without tilting tops.Some have tilting "jaws" that add extra dimensions to the type of tasks that can be easily tackled using the workbench. AS is often the case, if you have a large project coming up that will require the extensive use of a workbench try and find out what professional builder or joiner uses. Otherwise go for a reputable brand at a price that seems to reflect the type of quality that you are looking for. But as with many DIY things, buy cheap and you will buy twice!