How to choose the correct chisel

For the general DIYer, there will typically be a need for only a set of 3 wood chisels and a couple of chisels for masonary in the tool kit.

Wood Chisels

Wood ChiselsWood Chisels are most commonly used by a DIYer to makes rebates in doors or door frames for hinges when replacing old hinges or updating door furniture.
Wood chisels are cutting tools and as such have razor sharp tips. These tips should always be capped when not in to prevent injury. They should also be kept very sharp in order to remain effective. Chisels are a craftsmans tool and should be treated as such.
The most common and useful selection of chisels sizes is 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 1 inch. With this selection most common tasks can be tackled.
A sharpening stone and oil should also be purchased in order that one can keep the chisels sharp as all times.
Wood chisels are traditionally used in conjunction with a wooden mallet. Modern chisels with a metal shaft and cap can be used in conjunction with a metal hammer.

Masonry Chisels

Masonry chisels come in a wide range and are used for breaking brick, block, conrete or stone for example. They are used in conjunction with heavier hammer such as a lump hammer. Common names for these chisels are "cold chisels" "bolster chisels" or "breakers"

Bolster ChiselCold Chisel