How to choose electric screwdrivers

Electric / Battery Screwdrivers

Electric Battery Screwdrivers should not be confused with Electric Battery Drills. An Electric Screwdriver will usually be designed for light DIY hobby work and would struggle to have drive large screws or the power to driver multiple screws. Electric Battery Screwdrivers will typically have low voltage batteries less than 14 volts and be small enough to hold in the palm of the hand.

Battery Drill Drivers

Cordless Drill DriverBattery Drills will be more powerful and whilst capable of the jobs done by an electric screwdriver will also be able to drill in to wood and masonry having a hammer drill capability. The more powerful battery will also enable the drill/driver work longer between charges as well as having interchangeable batteries enabling almost continuous work.

Battery Drill / Drivers will usually have a range of torque setting to stop you over tightening or damaging screw heads and finished surfaces. Check also that they have a gradual speed increase to make starting jobs easier. They should also be able to work in reverse in order to undo screws!

The battery is usually the most expensive part of the drill driver with Lithium Ion batteries being the strongest and longest lasting. Prices range enormously and quality typically follows. If you want to know what is best look at what builders are using on site. Otherwise go for a good brand that has a good battery, strong motor and gear box.