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Plastering Mixer

On The DIY School Plastering Courses we use purpose made plastering mixers.

For small amounts of plaster, less than a 1/3 of a bag, one can get away with mixing by hand. Any more then we recommend that an electric mixer is used.

It is important that you get the plaster on the wall as quickly as possible once you start mixing and the electric mixer the quickest way of getting the plaster ready for laying down.

Though you can buy mixing paddles for hand held drills the mixing process will quickly burn the drill out. We recommend a purpose build one.

The purpose built drills will be deigned for comfortable use and the motors will be powerful enough and robust enough to withstand constant use.

A mixer can typically be bought for less than £100 or rented by the day for considerably less.

If you own an SDS drill this may be used on occasions will probably be difficult to handle as a mixer.

How to become a Plasterer in 4 days for £270.

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