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Dry Tile Cutter

Dry tile cutters come in many different sizes with characteristics determined by the size of the tiles in use and the material from which the tile is manufactured.

Dry tile cutters range hugely in price from as little as £10 for budget cutters up to £100's of pounds for large professional cutters

You do get what you pay for. Cheap tile cutters can quickly become inaccurate, blunt or broken whilst high quality cutters have been seen to exceed the career of the tiler who purchased them. It is not unknown for a cutter to still be in use 40 years after purchase

Not only will you need to buy cheap cutters more often, but you also run the risk of damaging expensive tiles. Very quickly a cheap cutter can become a false economy on even just one job as you watch broken or miss cut tiles building up as waste.

The dry cutter is almost always quicker and more accurate to use than an electric wet cutter

Dry cutters also come with a variety of attachments for different cutting tasks such as pipe holes or facilities to cut diagonals

If you have just a samll tiling project why not consider using a tile scribe and breaker

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