Learn To Tile In 4 Days?

The answer is YES!

Tiling Courses at The DIY School have enabled hundreds of students to learn how to tile in order to tackle the majority of tiling jobs that they will find in the private and domestic tiling industry as professional tilers. Our customer stories will tell you more.

Whilst a time served tiler justifiably will spend years learning all the skills of the tiling trade, to tackle the majority of the jobs they will work on day to day they will only require a small subset of those tiling skills. It is this important subset of tiling skills that we teach. These tiling skills are not difficult and they are in demand. Tiling is not an art, it is a process that is easily taught and mastered.

What is achieved using tje skills taught on The 4 Day Tiling Course

Work carried out by Fire Officer after The Tiling Course

Combine this subset of tiling skills from the course with modern tiling materials such as ceramic tiles that look like slate, marble, granite etc along with modern adhesives and grouts and of course tools and any kitchen, bathroom and conservatory wall and ceiling can be tiled to a standard in line with modern building practices. Equally importantly to the exacting standards of paying customers too!

Also this subset of tiling skills is sufficiently in demand to have enabled many of our tiling students to set up full time tiling business's without the need to know many of the more difficult skills that a tiler learns in their apprenticeship.

If you remain doubtful then do read some of our customer success stories. Maybe call us for a chat on 0161 477 4270 or come to see us whilst a course is running. You will be very welcome and we know surprised!

Fire Brigade Discount Tiling Course

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